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12th June 2017: Which electricity supplier?

Our electricity is currently supplied by Diamond Energy, who deliver electricity from 100% renewable sources. This is a combination of wind farms, biogas plants, solar farms, food biomass waste-to-energy, and they have been involved in wave energy demonstration projects. One could argue at great length about the biodiversity impacts of some of these forms of power generation. Certainly they have plenty of impact, but on balance I suppose it’s probably better than fossil fuels, given the notable impact of the latter in changing the climate. For now, we’ll use Diamond Energy in our new place. One day we’ll look at the biodiversity footprint of these “renewable” forms of energy generation and see if we can do something to reduce or offset our own impact.

Our new place has a small solar panel array. We will try to work out how to maximise this source of energy production as we move in and begin using power in the new place. We can sell any surplus electricity we generate onto the grid via Diamond at 8c per KWh. This is not the best feed-in tariff on the market, but we like the genuine commitment to renewable energy production by Diamond, and want to support that. However, Diamond charge 29.88c per KWh for 100% GreenPower (this includes a voluntary 5.5c per KWh surcharge), so someone is making a lot of money given the feed-in tariff is only 8c!!! I’m not sure how the economics (or the electronics) work, but a good start would surely be for green suppliers to make the feed-in tariff much more appealing?

We are lucky in Australia that these retail options to choose renewables exist.