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Emily Massingham

Emily Massingham

Emily completed her BSc in Ecology at the University of Queensland in mid-2016 and is currently working on her honours project under the supervision of Assoc Prof Richard Fuller and Dr Angela Dean. Emily is particularly interested in understanding the interplay between nature experiences and conservation behaviour. This curiosity has been fostered by Emily’s own experiences as a conservation volunteer in Borneo, Cambodia and recently on the Gladstone Shorebird project with Dr Jimmy Choi and A/Prof Rich Fuller. Emily is now exploring a range of nature experiences at a wildlife sanctuary and a national park. She is examining how these experiences impact on an individual’s conservation behaviour and whether people are more likely to express conservation behaviours if they receive a greater wellbeing benefit from a particular nature experience.

Email: emily.massingham@uqconnect.edu.au
Location: Rm 506, Goddard Building 8