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Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee

Jasmine is a 3rd year PhD student with Richard Fuller, Aleks Terauds (AAD), Justine Shaw (UQ/AAD), Iadine Chades (CSIRO) and Hugh Possingham (UQ). Her PhD focuses on conserving biodiversity in the Antarctic under multiple threats. In particular Jasmine’s project is investigating how terrestrial biodiversity habitat (ice-free areas) are impacted by climate change , how vulnerable different taxonomic groups are, and how their geographic distributions may be impacted. Finally, this information will be tied together to prioritise conservation actions for Antarctic biodiversity in the face of multiple threats.

Email: jasmine.lee1@uqconnect.edu.au
Location: Room 507, Goddard Building 8
Twitter: twitter.com/JaszzyJas

Brief Biography

Jasmine graduated from the University of Queensland with a bachelor of science in 2011. Her honours year was spent investigating the vulnerability of Australia’s threatened species to climate change. The project found great spatial variation in the different sensitivity and exposure factors contributing to climate change vulnerability. Jasmine then worked as a research assistant for Dr Richard Fuller at the University of Queensland. She designed, collected and analysed data for databases, wrote and edited reports and papers and collaborated with researchers from CSIRO, WWF Australia, the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne on various projects. Jasmine organised the outback bird surveys and also managed the labs finance and travel arrangements.


2012 BSc (Hons) First Class, Conservation Biology, University of Queensland


2012 – NCCARF Student Research Grant ($7,000 AUD)
2012 – WWF Honours Project Scholarship ($10,000 AUD)