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Lachlan Charles

Lachlan Charles

Lachlan is currently completing a PhD at UQ, and is primarily supervised by Dr Margie Mayfield. Lachlan is researching to understand the drivers of plant successional processes and community assembly within abandoned pasture adjacent to rainforests in tropical countryside landscapes. He is interested in the dynamics of seed dispersal and is investigating how avian seed dispersers use isolated pasture trees in the Wet and Sub-Tropics of Australia, Colombia and Nigeria.

Email: lachlan.charles@uqconnect.edu.au
Location: Rm 260, Goddard Building 8

Lachlan is also involved in tropical reforestation projects, where he is investigating both landscape and biological factors that best explain early seedling mortality and growth rates under differing planting treatments and the potential use of an invasive weed species, Wild tobacco (Solanum mauritianum) in aiding reforestation approaches within the Wet Tropics of Australia.